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New World Murder (EP) 2012

Image of New World Murder (EP) 2012

$6.50 - On Sale

BerserkerfoX return with their second studio EP, NEW WORLD MURDER, released March 11th via Ovis Records (Norway). Produced by BerserkerfoX and mixed by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios (Melbourne, Australia), the release is a raw, introspective, relentless assault on the senses that comes from an Australian band pushing the boundaries of death metal.

NEW WORLD MURDER is 4 cuts of aggressive death metal about anarachy against the cold, cut throat world we live in. The release has been received well around the globe, with reviewers saying:

"Seriously... It doesn't f***ing let up!!! It's four tracks of deathy death of the deathiest variety..." - Peter Hodgson (Beat Magazine/Guitar World)

"This EP is pure destruction in audio format!" - Monique (Kill Your

"There is no doubting that this release is going to be a hit with fans of the genre..." - Coops (